Metrel MI 3101 EurotestAT Installation Tester
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Metrel MI 3101 EurotestAT Installation Tester

The Metrel MI 3101 EurotestAT is Automated Robust and Lightweight Electrical Installation Tester. Experts from the field, maintenance people, inspectors and specialists help us ascend and descend the slopes with design and efficiency. The designing concepts of practicality and easy of use reflected in the new feature named AUTO SEQUENCE which the EurotestAT is based on.

Measuring functions:

  • DC insulation resistance
  • PE conductor continuity test
  • Line and Loop esistances with Fuse evaluation table built-in
  • RCD test with Trip lock function
  • Phase sequence in 3-phase systems
  • On-line voltage monitor
  • 2-wire and 3-wire Earth resistance test with built-in battery operated generator

Special feature:

AUTO SEQUENCE - Enhanced test performance, patented by Metrel one programmable procedure with several Single Tests in sequence.

Features of the Metrel MI 3101 EurotestAT Installation Tester:

  • Clearly visible information on big 320x240 dots matrix display with backlight
  • Locator function enables tracing fuses, lines and faults. Precise inductive mode
  • Date and time, connected to each saved result
  • Permanent mounted Insulation Monitoring Devices on IT systems testing.
  • With check of the ISFL (First Fault Leakage Current)
  • On-line voltage monitor shows voltage levels for L-L, L-N and L-PE during the measurement
  • Fast and reliable accurate Loop L-PE resistance measurement without RCD tripping
  • Built-in Fuse characteristics database for quick evaluation of measuring results at LINE/LOOP impedance testing
  • Field proven Earth resistance measuring method which eliminates stray earth currents during the measurement
  • TN/TT/IT Earthing System support
  • Multi-functional schuko Plug commander for faster execution of a measuring sequence.
  • Built-in internal memory with professional organized structure with up to 2000 locations
  • QUERTY keypad built-in for creating names in installation's structure.
  • PCSW Eurolink is a strong creating tool of professional Visual Inspection
  • Report and Testing Result Report
  • Rechargeable battery pack with a charger is included in a standard set
  • Three Year Warranty

What's included:

Metrel MI 3101 EurotestAT, Mains measuring cable 1.5 m, Test cable Universal connection 3 x 1.5 m, Power supply adapter + 6 NiMH AA batteries, Test tips, 3 pcs (blue, black, green), Alligator clip - 3pcs (blue, black, green), Soft carrying neck belt, Soft carrying bag, RS 232 / PS cable, USB cable, PC SW Eurolink-Lite, Instruction manual-short, Instruction manual on CD, Handbook "Measurements in practice"on CD and Product verification data

Metrel MI 3101 EurotestAT Installation Tester

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