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Amprobe ACD-10 PLUS 600mA Clampmeter
Amprobe ACD-20SW Swivel Clampmeter
Amprobe AD40B Digital Ammeter
ATP DT-9809 AC Leakage Current Clampmeter
Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter
Fluke 324 True-RMS Clamp Meter
Fluke 373 True RMS AC Clamp Meter
Fluke 62 MAX+/323/1AC IR Thermometer Clamp Meter and Voltage Detector Kit
Fluke FC a3000 Wireless AC Current Clamp Module with Fluke Connect™
Fluke FC a3001 Wireless iFlex AC Current Module with Fluke Connect™
Fluke i200 AC Current Clamp
Fluke i2000 flex AC Current Clamp
Fluke i2500-10 iFlex™ Flexible Current Probes
HT HT4010 AC clamp meter up to 600A
HT HT9012 AC professional clamp meter up to 600A
HT HT9014 AC TRMS Professional Clamp Meter
HT HT9019 AC TRMS Professional Clamp Meter 1000A
Ideal 61-763 660AAC w/TRMS Capacitance Frequency
Ideal 61-773 Industrial TightSight® Clamp Meter 1000AAC
Kewtech KEW2200 1000A Ultra Slim Clamp Meter
Kewtech KEW8008 Clamp Adaptor
Kewtech KEW8112 Clamp Adaptor
Kewtech KT200 AC Clamp Meter
Martindale CM51 Clamp Meter
Martindale CM54 AC Clamp Meter
Martindale CM56 AC Clamp Meter
Mastech MS2026R AC TRMS Clampmeter
Mastech MS2600 Electrical Tester
Megger DCM310 Digital Clamp Meter
Megger DCM320 Digital Clamp Meter
Megger DCM330 Fork Multimeter
Metrel MD 9210 Current Mini Clamp Meter
Metrel MD 9240 TRMS AC Power Clamp Meter
Metrel MD 9270 Leakage TRMS Clamp Meter
TPI 265 Clamp Meter

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