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Amprobe ACD-23SW Swivel Clampmeter
Amprobe ACDC-100 1000A AC/DC Clamp-On Multimeter
Amprobe ACDC-52NAV AC/DC 600A True-rms Navigator™ Clamp with VolTect™
FLIR CM78 1000A True RMS Clamp Meter with IR Thermometer
FLIR CM83 600A True RMS Power Clamp
Fluke 325 True-RMS Clamp Meter
Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter
Fluke 353 True-RMS 2000 A Clamp Meter
Fluke 355 True RMS Clamp Meter
Fluke 365 Detachable Jaw True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter
Fluke 374 True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter
Fluke 375 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter
Fluke 376 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex™
Fluke 381 Remote Display True AC/DC Clamp Meter
Fluke 902 True RMS HVAC Clamp Meter
Fluke FC a3002 Wireless AC/DC Current Module with Fluke Connect™
Fluke i1010 AC/DC Current Clamp
Fluke i310s Current Probe
Fluke i410 AC/DC Current Clamp
HT HT9015 AC/DC TRMS Professional Clamp Meter
HT HT9021 AC/DC TRMS Professional Clamp Meter 1000A
HT HT9022 TRMS DC AC+DC Clamp Meter up to 1000A
Ideal 61-765 Industrial TightSight® Clamp Meter 660A AC/DC
Ideal 61-775 Industrial TightSight® Clamp Meter 1000A AC/DC
Kewtech KT203 Digital AC/DC Clamp Meter
Martindale CM58 True RMS 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter
Mastech MS2138R AC/DC TRMS Clampmeter
Megger DCM340 Clampmeter
Metrel MD 9220 TRMS Current Clamp Meter
Metrel MD 9225 TRMS AC/DC Current Clamp Meter
Metrel MD 9230 TRMS AC/DC Current Clamp Meter
Metrel MD 9250 TRMS AC/DC Current Clamp

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