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Amprobe IR608A Infrared Thermometer
Amprobe TMD-50 Thermocouple Thermometer K-type
Amprobe TMD-53 Thermocouple Thermometer K/J-Type
Anton AIRG Infra Red Thermometer
ATP HT-8663 Dew Point Temperature Detector with Dual Laser Targeting
ATP IR-880B Laser Infrared Thermometer 200°C
ATP IR-8861 Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer 450°C
ATP IR-9860 Infrared Image & Video Thermometer
ATP TK-610B Single Input K Type Thermometer
ATP TK-612 Dual Input K Type Thermometer
ATP TK-613 High Accuracy Dual K Type Thermometer
CEM DT-8891 Dual Input Thermometer with Infrared Probe
Fluke 51 II Thermometer
Fluke 52 II Differential Thermometer
Fluke 53 II Single Input Digital Thermometer with Data Logging
Fluke 54 II Thermometer
Fluke 561 Infrared and Contact Thermometer
Fluke 566 Infrared and Contact Thermometer
Fluke 568 Ex Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer
Fluke 568 Infrared and Contact Thermometer
Fluke 572-2 High-Temperature Infrared Thermometer
Fluke 61 Infrared Thermometer
Fluke 62 MAX Mini Infrared Thermometer
Fluke 62 MAX+ Mini Infrared Thermometer
Fluke 63 Handheld Infrared Thermometer
Fluke FC t3000 Wireless K-Type Temperature Module with Fluke Connect™
Fluke FoodPro Food Safety Thermometer
Fluke FoodPro Plus Food Safety Thermometer
HT HT3301 Professional Infrared Thermometer with Memory and Type K Probe
Martindale DT75 Digital Thermometer
Martindale IR88 Infrared Thermometer
Testo 810 Air & Surface Temperature Measurement
TPI 343 Differential K-Type Thermometer

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